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You are buying in this market because you want to get a good deal. To get a good deal, you cannot remain in the dark about what you are really paying. That’s where we can help.

We show you how to buy, step by step. How to know who the professional you are talking to is really working for. Questions you must ask. Insider tips. Hacks. Rebates

Our promise: If you make a real estate purchase following our process in the next 12 months and we cannot save you at least $1000 you get two times your money back.

Be smart. Be informed. Be feeWISE.


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If the experience using your feeWISE ever lets you down, we'll make it right or return your purchase. Simple as that.

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If you want to talk to someone, call us at 917-720-4242. Also, check out our FAQ for answers to some questions.

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